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Producing and engineering numerous CD and multimedia projects, Sam works with the newest technologies in digital audio, midi and sample based sequencing, combining technical and artistic talents to fuse audio engineering with music production.


“Fusing production prowess with composition and good old fashioned musicianship, Sam Ryan creates music from the ground up or translates a client’s song into a mass-marketable recording”.


                             - Dave Jones, Performing Songwriter Magazine

SAE Institute Vancouver, is one of Canada’s most technically advanced audio engineering schools offers courses in Audio Engineering and Music Production, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Music Business and Advanced Recording Artist development. Located in the beautiful district of North Vancouver, BC.

Private Instruction

One on one private instruction in person or online with zoom. Learn Ableton, Synthesis & Sound Design, Production & Workflow, Performance Templates, Mixing & Mastering, Home Studio Design

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Centipede - Lionzgate live @ Bell Center of Performing Arts
Max Modulation Tuturial
Renascence - Lionzgate audio visual performance



Phone: 604.619.5609

Email: sosmusic222(at)



Coming back from a trip, I opened the door to my bedroom and found a letter on my bed....

I was around 14 or so and had recently picked up the bass, started growing the hair out and getting my first rock band together. I opened the letter and saw that it was written by an old friend of my parents who had stayed in my bedroom while I was away without my knowledge. Growing up I always enjoyed reading his letters from Stew to my parents as he was and still is a gifted writer and musician.


The letter was about the "calling of the musician" and how he sensed that vibe from me by just staying in my room. One line in particular has stayed with me and served as a reminder of why I continue to push forward in the music industry.


"Like the calling from the birds, we sing because we must sing." 




With 20 years of professional experience in the music industry Sam began his career in live sound, and then moved into the studio with the roll of producer / engineer co-founding Vancouver based music production company in 1997. Recent credits include singles with hit artists Dragonette, Craig Smart, Karl Wolf, Rosette & several song placements on prime time TV such as Gossip Girl, Community, White Collar, Running Wild, and lots more..... 


Sam is a certified Ableton Live trainer and is the chief instructor of the electronic music program at SAE Vancouver, one of Canada's most technically advanced audio engineering schools. In Sam’s words,"Getting bored with the recycled state of music has motivated me to contribute to pushing the industry forward by enabling artists, bands, and DJ's alike to bring the exciting array of studio production tools into the live performance environment"


Sam walked away from a head on car collision on the Lions Gate Bridge spring of 2012 which served as a catalyst to re-evaluate and look within, resulting in bringing the Lionzgate project to life.

"I have taken all of the musical and conceptual ideas I have always wanted to do and said fuck it! Im gonna do it just because. My music is inspired from group hand drumming, metal, and electronic music. My view point of life comes from my experiences and research of music ~Reality being entirely made of different states vibration and the laws of rhythm and harmony are the same laws that hold the atom together."